The Power Trio is augmented not by a Red Oni

Cast Calculus: The cast undergoes a series of transformations as new members are added. Red Oni, Blue Oni: When they first leave Stable 99, Blackjack acts as Red Oni against P 21’s Blue. Beauty, Brains and Brawn: The addition of Glory shifts the group to a Freudian Trio. With Glory providing an emotional center to the group, P 21 is free to increasingly hint at his suppressed aggression while Blackjack is cooled by reminders that her actions have consequences. She finds herself as the Ego that must balance P 21’s vengeful, self serving Id and Glory’s naively over civilized (for the Wasteland) Superego. Lancer briefly features as a Sixth Ranger Traitor, and the party is scattered after Brimstone’s Fall. Five Man Band: Blackjack quickly finds Glory at Miramare, then picks up Rampage as a Sixth Ranger shortly before recovering P 21. The Power Trio defeats Deus without Rampage’s direct assistance, but the adventures between Flank and Chapel serve to show off Rampage’s capabilities and personality, and help cement her to the group. On return to Chapel, they finally pick up the fifth team member: Lacunae. The Power Trio is augmented not by a Red Oni, Blue Oni pair, but by two color coded individuals who embody the monstrous extremes of savagery and transcendence. The Leader: Blackjack. The Lancer: P 21. The Smart Guy: Lacunae serves this role with her wisdom and magical skill rather than technical expertise, since the stoic, intellectual P 21 is playing foil to Blackjack’s Idiot Hero. The Big Guy: Rampage. The Chick/The Medic: Glory. Catch Phrase: Blackjack has a few phrases she uses regularly. “Security saves ponies.”

Wrath/Anger (Latin: Ira): Desire for Harm. This is rage taken up a few dozen notches, combined with blood thirstiness and a general appreciation of too much violence. It can be easily seen in a Blood Knight, during an Unstoppable Rage, and in general anyone with a Berserk Button. It’s also a common problem of those who seek revenge. Hatred and racism (fantastic or otherwise) can also fall under this. The worst practitioners of Wrath are the Omnicidal Maniac and anyone who wants to Kill ’em All. Wrath is usually associated with bulls, bears, crocodilesnote Although mediaeval German engraver Albrecht D depicted Anger with a companion crocodile; there is doubt about this as some people think he was gunning for a small dragon, or wolves and the color red. The punishment in Hell for committing this sin is to be dismembered while still alive. The patron demon of Wrath is either Satan, Amon, or Moloch, and its corresponding virtue is Patience.

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