FBI agents raided Starcash in May 2002 after six states banned

excessive internet use may signal other mental health issues

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With so many expenses to take care of and that too from a single income source, it puts considerable amount of pressure on your monthly budget. The real problem arises when you are required to meet some unplanned or unwanted expenses. Already low on finance, it becomes extremely difficult to arrange the funds and that too within a short time period.

payday advance Payday advances are short term loans to consumers at high interest rates.FBI agents raided Starcash in May 2002 after six states banned it from soliciting investors. A federal grand jury indicted Leclercq and Starcash chief financial officer Frederick Shapiro in April 2007. Shapiro pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and faces up to five years in prison at his sentencing next Friday.In court on Friday, David Joffe, Leclercq’s attorney, argued she deserved a prison sentence of no more than the maximum that Shapiro faces. payday advance

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